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Fast loans online
10 minutes to fill out the application
Instant decision 24x7
Fast loan issue
Major features of Loaney
Website is available from any device, it means you could apply for a loan even not having a PC in front of you
Our service is available 24/7, you don’t have to wait till the morning or next business day - you can apply and get a loan any time.
Filling in the application takes less than 10 minutes. Convenient user interface allows you to apply easily and get through application process in several steps.
Instant decision making, automated. You don't have to wait till human will check your data.
Trust to repeated users. The more you borrow, the bigger credit amount available.
Safety and confidentiality of your data is guaranteed all the time you're going to use our service.
Did you ever have a need for instant, easy and small loans?
This is what Loaney can provide!

Fast Loans

These days more and more indian citizens are using online lending services. So, we can say these services are in demand and become a significant part of everyday life of people in India.

People feel differently about this fact - some people say it’s a sign of improper budget planning and constant overspending, but others say it’s a sign of growing financial literacy and financial inclusion. Anyway, for those who are suffering from temporary lack of money it could be a real solution to use Payday Loan to fund daily needs before the next PayDay.

How to deal with a financial stringency?

A few years ago a problem like this could become a real problem and trying to deal with such an issue by gathering a loan from the bank could sound like a bad idea: banks wanted too much documents, they wanted you to visit an office and they’re not interested in borrowing such a small amount like 10 thousand and less, even if you can deal with all what’s listed above you need to wait for ages to hear back from them. Now, when more and more online lenders startin to operate it became much easier and faster to gather small amounts of money online, hassle-free and from any place you could imagine.

How to get an instant loan online?
To become our client you need the following:
  • You need to be an indian citizen
  • You need to be 18 and above
  • You have to have your PAN and Aadhaar card prepared
  • You need your aadhaar linked mobile phone active
What we will and won’t do?
  • We won’t ask you to disclose your reasoning for applying for a loan
  • We won’t ask you to provide huge number of documents
  • We won’t require a you to visit our office to proof your identity
  • We will make our decision within a few minutes

You just need to visit our website loaney.in and register. To do so you need to fill out all the required fields. You need to ensure the data you’re entering is valid and real. Your data safety is our priority, so we guarantee your confidentiality. Also you need to decide how much money you need and for how long, an online loan calculator, placed on our website for your comfort will help you to figure out easily how much you will need to repay and when.

Once your application is placed we will let you know our decision really fast and instantly issue a loan with the most convenient way for you.

It doesn’t matter what time it is now and which day of the week - we’ll help you with your financial issue in the most efficient way.