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The necessity for digital gadgets in the modern environment is unparalleled. We now consider these electronic devices conditions in our lives and cannot imagine doing without them. And a laptop, without which it would be virtually impossible to pursue a career in education, innovation, trade, etc. It serves several purposes. However, buying a laptop is an expensive endeavor.

Don’t worry if you want to get a laptop but are unsure because you don’t have enough money. You can purchase the newest laptop with a hassle-free rapid laptop loan from Loaney. Read this article if you want to know the procedure of availing of a loan for buying a laptop from Loaney.

What Is A Laptop Loan?

A laptop loan is a sum of money lent to you with no security and at cheap interest rates so that you don’t have to pay anything more for the laptop. Additionally, student laptop loans simplify your life by giving you immediate access to money rather than waiting months to save up the money to acquire one.

Why Should You Take A Loan For Buying A Laptop?

For the reasons listed below, you ought to get a laptop loan before you buy one:

  1. Students: If you need to, sign up for online courses or webinars to access a wealth of study materials and learn whenever it’s convenient.
  2. Work-from-Home-based professionals: Additionally, for finishing your assignments on time, working with numerous platforms, or using your newest laptop to access remote working tools.
  3. Gamers: For playing online or offline video games with lifelike graphics and top-notch audio.
  4. Homemakers: Use your top-of-the-line laptop with the best capabilities to stream television shows and movies, discover new music and chat with pals online or over video calls.

Therefore, a laptop loan can be a blessing for anyone, regardless of age, gender, or line of work.

Who Should Consider Availing Of A Loan For a Laptop?

A laptop loan can be availed by:

  • College student
  • Graphic designer
  • Working professionals
  • Gaming Enthusiasts
  • Housewives

What Are The Features And Benefits Of A Laptop Loan?

The features and benefits of laptop loans are as follows:

1. Need Not Empty Emergency Funds

Buying a laptop might be expensive when you don’t have enough money and want to use emergency cash. However, now that you may get a laptop loan, you won’t need to use all of your emergency funds because your EMI will be deducted each month from your savings accounts.

 2. Flexible Repayment Period

A loan’s payback period typically lasts between three to thirty-six months. You can select a time frame that works for you; the lower the monthly EMI is, the longer the payback term. Additionally, paying off the Small EMIs from your monthly budget is simple and doesn’t need significant adjustments to your current standard of living.

3. Quick Approval

Paying for a laptop with your debit or credit card is relatively straightforward if you wish to buy it on an EMI. Additionally, no other processes are involved, and your request for an EMI payment will be accepted in a few seconds.

4. Make The Best Of Seasonal Offers

The most significant time to take advantage of sales is throughout the season because you have to wait for the best price and can thus save money. This way, you can get a laptop loan with EMI payments and buy it whenever you find a good deal. You don’t have to wait until you have the total amount, allowing you to take advantage of sales and limited-time offers more effectively.

5. No Down Payment And No Additional Fees

No additional fees or down payments are required to take out a laptop loan. You are given an EMI repayment option for the laptop’s total price. That implies you are not immediately required to pay anything out of pocket.

What Are The Key Factors To Consider While Applying For A Laptop Loan?

The key factors to consider when opting for a laptop loan are as follows:

1. Loan Amount

The first and most crucial factor to consider when choosing a laptop loan is your required loan amount. Also, look out if the lenders are willing to give you that amount or not.

2. Your Credit Scores

Your credit scores are the second key element to consider when obtaining a laptop loan. Your chances of getting a loan are relatively reasonable if you have excellent credit. However, you may still be able to receive one if you provide additional documentation if you have low credit.

3. Your Income

Your salary must meet the requirements for eligibility to obtain a loan to purchase a laptop in India, which is the third crucial point to consider when applying for a laptop loan for students. In addition, your career history is vital since you must demonstrate that you have a stable job and the financial means to repay the loan on time.

4. Loan Tenure

The length of the loan payback period is another crucial consideration. Whether your company will enable you to give the money for that time and whether you are willing to take a loan for 12 months or longer. Because you will pay interest for fewer years throughout a shorter loan period, you will also save more money overall. However, you’ll have a higher monthly payment, so consider this while choosing the best loan term.

Why Should You Get A Loan For Laptop From Loaney?

You should take a loan to buy a laptop from Loaney due to the following:

1. No Restrictions on the Usage: You have the freedom to use your loan money to buy any laptop you desire, unlike with other sorts of loans. There are no limitations regarding the cost, brand, series, or anything else. This is one of the most desired benefits of getting a student loan for a laptop from Loaney.

2. No Collateral Requirement: Another benefit of using Loaney is that you don’t need to provide any collateral, security, or guarantors to be approved for a personal loan for a laptop. Loaney would never request that you put a mortgage up as collateral for the amount you borrow.

3. Flexible Repayment: Thirdly, you can select the loan term from Loaney, which ranges from 12 to 48 months. Additionally, you may use our Personal Loan EMI Calculator to determine your monthly payments and select the loan tenure that best suits your financial situation and ability to repay.

4. Minimal Documentation: You no longer need to provide any documentation to the lenders to obtain loans. Your necessary documents can be quickly and easily validated online. Additionally, for accepted customers, the loan disbursal happens immediately.

5. Competitive Interest Rates: The best interest rates are provided to you by Loaney based on your eligibility and credit score, which is yet another distinguishing aspect of the company. However, you can check your credit score to ensure it is within acceptable bounds.

How To Apply For A Loaney Laptop Loan?

Once you have met the requirements and have all the necessary paperwork, follow the instructions below to apply for Loaney personal loans to purchase a laptop.

1. Checking Your Eligibility

Visit the Loaney website or app and enter all the necessary information. They will then inform you if you qualify for a loan or not.

2. Choosing A Loan Plan

Following that, you will have to decide on the loan amount you want to obtain and a repayment term based on your eligibility.

3. Provide The Necessary Documents

Thirdly, you may quickly and easily upload every document required for online verification. Everything is digital and hassle-free.

4. Quick Loan Disbursement

The loan money will be issued to your account within 24 hours of your application’s approval, and all your documentation will be validated.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria And Documents Required For Buying A Laptop On Loan?

The eligibility criteria required for buying a laptop on loan:

Nature Of EmploymentThe applicant must be a salaried worker or a professional who works for themselves
Minimum Income₹25,000 per month
AgeShould be 25yrs of age at the time of loan application should be 58 yrs of age at the time of loan term ends
Work ExperienceOverall Minimum of work experience: 12 monthsJob tenure at the present company: 6 months

The Documents that are required for buying a laptop on loan are as follows:

  1. A selfie of the candidate applying
  2. PAN Card of the applicant
  3. The applicant’s Aadhar card and mobile number should be linked
  4. The applicant’s bank account must have internet banking

What Are The Fees And Charges For Loaney Laptop Loan?

The charges for Loaney laptop loans are as follows:

Loan Amount₹20,000
Interest Rate36% per annum
Repayment TenureUp to 1 year
Processing FeesUp to 15% of the loan amount, including GST
Late Repayment Fees0,4% of the overdue principal daily (up to 18% of the loan principal)


Having a good laptop has become essential as more people choose to work from home and as more students enroll in online courses. You can finally acquire the laptop of your dreams today and pay for it later by deciding to buy a laptop by taking out a laptop loan. Apply immediately at Loaney for a laptop student loan today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about a loan to buy a laptop in India:

1. Can I get a loan to buy a laptop?

Yes, you can obtain a loan to buy a laptop. Additionally, you must pay back loans every month.

2. How to get a loan for a laptop?

To get a laptop loan for students, follow these steps:

1. Verify Your Eligibility And Choose A Personal Loan Scheme

Enter a few simple details to determine your eligibility for Loaney quick personal loans and obtain a Credit Line. Next, you can select the loan amount once you have your credit line. Next, select the loan duration and best EMIs to choose your loan plan.

2. Upload KYC Records

You must provide a few papers to complete your KYC for your loan to be approved. To enable the auto-deduction of EMIs, you must additionally sign a NACH form and the loan agreement.

3. Getting Your Loan Amount

Your money will be swiftly transferred to your account once your loan application has been accepted and processed.

3. How to apply for a laptop loan?

In order to apply for a loan for a laptop, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Loaney website or download the app.
  • You must complete the application form and upload your bank statement and KYC documents.
  • Following that, submit your entire application to receive immediate approval.